Since the birth of modern science in the 16th century, we have gained a better understanding of nature through the development of better instruments for observation. In the 21st century, we think we understand much of it and have gradually shifted our attention in scientific research to applied science – the application of physical laws to the development of technologies for better life. However, the dark side of this trend is that we have left many important questions unanswered. In Goda Lab, back to the basics of science, we explore nature (in particular, missing, unexplored, or ignored parts of nature) using unconventional approaches through the development of radically novel technologies (with an emphasis on photonics) that lead to new discoveries - "discovery-enabling technologies." As history tells us, most great discoveries in science are totally unexpected. In Goda Lab, we turn this serendipity to planned happenstance by acquiring attributes (curiosity, persistence, flexibility, optimism, and risk taking) for preparing for "unexpected" events and making "planned discoveries." Another and equally important goal of Goda Lab is to produce future global leaders who will shape the world. Directed by Prof. Keisuke Goda, Goda Lab fosters an international research environment and is located at two universities: University of Tokyo and University of California, Los Angeles. Goda Lab constantly seeks for ambitious individuals from any university in any country who want to play leading roles in scientific exploration and have a major impact on the world. Check out our news on Facebook (in English) and Twitter (in Japanese).